Trees are dynamic living organisms that require constant care and maintenance in order for them to sustain a healthy life. With trees living in an urban environment, there are literally thousands of biotic and abiotic stresses which can influence the health of your tree. (weather, pollution, soil compaction, mechanical injury, improper pruning and fertilizing, insects and disease) Re-establishing a tree's health requires a monitoring program prescribed, carried out and reviewed by a certified arborist on a regular basis. Insects and diseases will emerge based on weather cycles, geographic location and food availability. The only way to combat these pests proactively and efficiently is through a monitoring and treatment program. Our ArborCheckTM program is specifically designed for you and your landscapes needs. Speak to one of our certified arborists to first meet at your property and discuss exactly what we can provide for you. We can design an ArborCheckTM program that fits your goals and budget. We are committed to the environment and as such will only use environmentally friendly and sensitive treatments. We are using current techniques in treating trees for insect and mechanical injuries and nutritionally difficient trees. Your trees and landscape can add upwards of 20% to the value of your property. Not only do your trees and shrubs look better when they are healthy and vital, but they literally put money in the bank.