Butternut Health Assessor

What is A Butternut Health Assessor (BHA)? BHAs are trained and certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to be able to identify butternuts, butternut hybrids and butternut canker. They are certified to report on the condition and retainability of butternuts as required by the MNR. We are lucky enough to have two certified BHAs on staff, our arborist Peter and our restoration ecologist Amanda both got certified this summer. If you have any questions about butternuts of BHAs, you can contact them at our office and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. Why Would I Need a BHA? If you are planning to remove, harm or injure a butternut or suspected butternut you will need a BHA to do a variety of things.

  • Determine if the butternut is a true butternut or a hybrid
  • Determine if the butternut is protected under the Endangered Species Act
  • Complete a butternut health assessment required by the MNR
  • Create a report on the health of the butternuts for the MNRs review
  • Work on or around a protected butternut can not take place without first contacting a BHA. It's Just a Tree, Why Can't I Just Cut It Down? Butternuts are currently in danger of becoming extinct, mainly due to a disease called Butternut Canker. This canker has been wiping out populations of butternut and there is no cure as of yet. However, it is being found that not all butternut are affected by the canker, some trees are found without a trace of the canker on them, yet they are growing right next to a diseased tree. The MNR is looking for these resistant trees to try to replenish the butternut population.