Cabling and Bracing

Why cable?

  • Prevention: Trees that are otherwise healthy but have structural flaws
  • Restoration: Trees that have been damaged i.e. wind, ice, etc…
  • Mitigation: Trees that are a potential hazard
  • Trees with defects can be a risk to the public, for this reason the first option when assessing a tree with a defect is the removal of the defective portion, which in most cases may be the removal of the entire tree. Cabling and bracing of trees is an effective way, if done professionally and according to the present standards, to preserve mature trees for future generations. We have been installing support systems for decades, have researched the industry globally and as such, will be able to best recommend a tree support system keeping in mind your personal needs and budget.

    If we did not maintain or correct defective trees through support systems and/or pruning, we would not have any trees left!