Fertilizer is used to add nutrients that all plants need in order to survive. In a way, fertilizer can be looked at as plant food, giving your trees and shrubs the needed nutrients to continue to grow strong and healthy.

There are many reasons why your tree may need to be fertilized. Mature trees need the extra boost because a lot of the nutrients from the surrounding soil have already been used up over the years. Young, newly planted trees on the other hand need the nutrients provided by fertilizer because of bad soil condition. This is especially true in new subdivisions where there is little to no topsoil. Trees damaged during construction, particularly if there has been soil compaction around the tree or if there has been any excavation near the tree, need to be fertilized to compensate for root loss.

  • Signs your tree may need to be fertilized include:
  • Leaves are smaller than normal
  • Leaves are off colour or dying
  • A lot of dead branches in the canopy

On average, trees should be fertilized at least once a year. By keeping your trees healthy, you will get a life time of enjoyment out of them.

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