Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are an invasive species that was first discovered in Canada in 1939. Currently the Japanese beetle is found in Ontario and Quebec, but so far hasn't been able to spread to any other province.

The adult beetles are about 1 cm long with a shiny metallic green body and bronze outer wings. They begin to emerge between June and July and reach their peak between August and September. The grubs (larvae) live in the first 5 to 31 cm of soil where they over winter before pupating in late June, early July. The grubs are about 2.5 cm long, C-shaped with a white body and yellow-brown head.

Both the adult and grub are very destructive towards your landscape. The grubs feed on a variety of roots and damage lawns. The adults feed on leaves of a variety of trees and shrubs. The adult beetles eat the portion of the leaves between the veins, leaving a skeletonized leaf. On thinner leaves, the beetles will leave large, irregular holes.

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