Insects and Diseases

Plants, like humans, grow best when all their needs are met. Therefore, if you create the conditions for best health and keep the system of a plant in balance, you create healthy plants. The natural defenses of a plant will tend to protect that plant from pests and diseases. By doing this, you not only care for a plant that is more resistant to pests and diseases; you get a plant bursting with vitality.

Plant Health Care (PHC) is environmentally sensitive plant management. Focused on plant health, a PHC program is socially responsible plant care. Yet, while PHC is soft on the environment it is hard on pests.
ArborCheck© is a program developed by Arborvalley over the past few years into a proven monitoring and treatment plant health care plan. Go to our ArborCheckTM page to learn more.

We are committed to the environment and as such will only use environmentally friendly and sensitive treatments. We are using the most current techniques in treating trees for pests and treating damaged and sick trees with nutritional treatments as required. Proper care now of your trees will reduce the amount of treatments your trees will require in the future.
We are certified to assess, prescribe and treat your pest problems through cultural, mechanical and or chemical means if that is what is required. Common insects we can treat are gypsy moths, tent caterpillars and scale insects. Common diseases we can treat are Dutch elm disease, apple scab and various blights. There are literally thousands of possibilities so let our experts help you with your problem.

Learn how to stay on top of pest problems with our ArborCheckTM program!