Ruurd van de Ven
In the Field: 1976-present
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ON-0222B
Certified Tree Risk Assessor PNW-524

Ruurd van de Ven is known throughout the arboriculture industry in Ontario. His passion for trees, keen eye and ability for distinctive-quality pruning and relentless hard work and determination to succeed has made him an authority in the business. Ru, through many years of extremely hard work, has built Arborvalley, which he started back in 1989 after already 12 years in the industry. You can usually find him in his office, on the phone, completing a report or working on some project or another. If he could chose, I think he'd be outside working in the field as it is his real passion.

Some of his many and more notable accomplishments, are past president of the ISAO and former OSTC (Ontario Shade Tree Council), past president of the OCAA, past coordinator and teacher of the arboriculture program at Humber College, certified utility arborist, acting director on the ASWP committee, ISA Board Certified Master arborist and a PNW certified tree risk assessor.

Due to the few like Ru, this industry will hopefully become an actual recognized and restricted trade by the ministry similar to a plumber or electrician. Through his drive and passion for safety and success, tree climbers have become, although one of the most dangerous, a much safer trade.

Ru has been married since 1981 to his lovely wife Dianne who takes a very active role in treasury, finances and as a secretary to the company. Together they have two daughters who are currently in the field of the natural resources and both contribute to the company when the opportunity arises.

Ru is currently the acting consulting arborist for the Town of Newmarket. He spends most of his time consulting for several landscape architects, builders, property maintenance companies, property owners and municipalities throughout south central Ontario. He is sought after for his great experience and depth of knowledge.

Ru's other passions and interests include S.C.U.B.A. diving, boating and of course, his girls' hockey. To the left, Ru's fish caught on the company fishing trip and below and to the right, Ru still likes to get his hands dirty helping out with the crews.