Who We Are

We at Arborvalley are committed to anything and everything to do with trees and plant health care. This is our sole means of livelihood. We have been and are currently using methods that are not only researched in the industry from leading scientists and arborists worldwide, but are also personally proven from methods that are time tested as well. Our company has a wide recognition for the quality of work we do in all facets of tree care. We are a small company, and we pride our self on customer satisfaction. Our repeat client list would speak for itself.

Our company is owned by Ruurd van de Ven, one of Canada's few Board Certified Master Arborists recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.) the highest achievable credential in the tree industry.

Arborvalley is always active in the pursuit of industry safety. We take pride in what we do and train each and every employee above and beyond all recognized standards.

There will always be a certified arborist on-site wherever there is tree work to be done. Please take a few minutes to meet our highly trained staff and find out how they can help your trees.